Monday, April 14, 2014

Electronic Clutter

Our electronic devices are becoming obsolete at an alarming rate. Struggling stay current, we upgrade and arriving home with our new  and shiny, and we find ourselves with a graveyard of old technology.  Sadly, in another drawer or box, we have our hairball of cords. Many we cannot even identify what device it came with, or whether we even still own the darn thing.  

Today I offer absolution.  If your life is running electronically well, that is to say, all your devices currently have chargers and can connect to all the devices they need to (for example, your camera can connect to the laptop for downloads) bag up the cords and donate or e-recycle them. If your smartphone trumps your old GPS, and the many other devices it replaces like old phones, old readers, language translators (yes I found one of these a couple weeks ago), video cameras, film cameras, cassette recorders, 8 tracks, and hand held games, it is time to discard. 

In most cities there are e-recycling events and drop off places to keep this stuff from 
the landfill.  Here in Columbus, Goodwill will accept these devices for recycling.  

Things that were once hardwired are connected wirelessly and we are left with all the cray cords.  Keep a couple but send the rest packing.

Computers are not resold.  It would only give someone else all the problems you had when you abandoned that device to upgrade.  They are dismantled and sorted, metals, plastics, fans, cords and boards.

They discovered a way to sort these things into boxes on pallets (the kind that the grocery store displays watermelons and pumpkins) and recycle them. Additionally, they provide services and jobs for the developmentally disabled.  So, gather those cords and devices, bag them and head for a drop off center.

In Columbus, April 26th, 2014 9am-12pm
at Huntington Park,  Goodwill will celebrate Earth Day will an e-Waste Collection event. Can't make the event?  You  can still take your bags to the local Goodwill drop off locations in your neighborhood.