Monday, June 3, 2013

Remembering How My Garden Grows Using Evernote

Big Boys? Early Girls? Beefsteak?
Every spring as the trees bloom and the perennials come peeking up from the ground, I head to the nursery to select my annuals plants.  I love to plant tomatoes, herbs and flowers in the borders and pots around my porch.  I love shopping for the flowers and digging in the dirt.  What always stymies me is I can never remember how many of which tomatoes or flowers worked well the year before or how many bags of mulch I purchased.
Solution: Evernote
I have the Evernote App on my tablet and smartphone and have a link to my account on my desktop as well. The beauty is that I can enter the information where I am and it syncs between my laptop, my tablet and my smartphone so I can retrieve these bits of information wherever I am.  I have been using Evernote for a few years to store lots of random bits of information like gift ideas, measurements of windows for blinds, recipes, notes, my mother-in-law's medicine list, and so on.  You can group like items like Books I want to read, Movies I want to see, and Wines I like.

Input is easy because I can take a picture of the wine bottle at dinner or the plastic plant marker so I can buy it later when I am in the store.  Other input options include typing it in, speaking it as an audio file for playback or speaking to text to read later. All the things you write on post-its all over the place now can be stored on Evernote.  Don't get me wrong I  love post-its but they aren't designed to last and can be tricky to find later.

You can create Notebooks by topic and be uber organized, or you can have one big notebook.  No worries because everything is searchable. Evernote does so much more and scratching the surface right here.  Stay tuned and we will dig deeper next time  So for now I have just added 15 bags of mulch, three tomatoes and four flats of annuals with details to keep me sane next spring.