Friday, February 15, 2013

Simplicity and Paper Products; Gift Wrap and Party Ware

Pinning away on Pinterest, it occurred to me that all the gift wrap storage solutions were for less than a dozen rolls of paper. Usually about 5-6 rolls are featured in the quaint spaces tucked behind doors, in closets, or from the ever popular tension rods.  Reality for many of my clients is that they have a lot more rolls than that.  To get them towards one of the gorgeous solutions, I offer this advice.
Use up what you have.  And do not acquire more until you are down to a more optimal amount.
Discard/Recycle the wraps that are wrinkled and torn. (You can do better.)  
Not in love with the design?   Flip it over and use the white side. 

For simplicity in the future in your smaller gift wrap storage solution:
Use thick brown or white craft paper, white gift wrap or another solid color. 
Decorate the simple paper with sharpies for a quick to/ from tags or  use homemade or store bought tags. I keep silver and gold sharpies on hand for this purpose.
Tie them up with tulle, lace, or ribbon. With the simple paper even a shoestring bow will look elegant.

While we are in the party mood, here are a few more simplifying ideas I love.  When buying paper plates large and small, paper bowls, napkins, and cups just pick a color and run with it.  I usually go only with red party ware. Who doesn't love a red Solo cup? Sticking with one color means after the party you pack up the leftovers and keep them for the next bout of entertaining.  Red works for Valentine's Day, all patriotic holidays (US, Canada, and many other countries), summer picnics, Christmas and here in Ohio, all Buckeye tailgates. I have a girlfriend who has black as a color since it goes with most of her decor.  One color means it always matches and you only maintain inventory. From the looks of my basket I'm getting low on napkins.

If you chose not to go with one color, tuck the napkins in your napkin holder after an event.  Stick the plates on the microwave and use them up. There is no value in saving plastic bags of party leftovers with 2-3 super hero or princess napkins.  You won't use a few leftover invites, or party hats either.  Your photos will show the decorations in the future so saving them to scrapbook is not necessary.  

Choose simplicity. There are lots of details in entertaining. Make gift wrap and paper ware one thing you can take off your plate.

To see the gift wrap storage solutions and other wrap ideas :

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