Wednesday, August 29, 2012

P is for Pinterest

Confession time: I have spent my late evening hours relaxing with my laptop, tablet and phone, looking at fun fashions, inspiring quotes, decadent recipes, clever DIY projects, and and travel destinations. Yeah, I am a Pinterest junkie. (and yeah Google, it is a word as is DIY. Add it to the dictionary so I can lose the wavy red line underneath it.)  My dentist's office has completely intact magazines since the dawn of Pinterest.  I am not quietly ripping out pages and shoving them in my purse with all the stealth of a international spy. I am happily pinning away all those clever ideas that I once tossed in a folder.

Pinterest has been a party topic with my girlfriends of late:
"Wow that is a great dip."
"Yeah, I found it on Pinterest and did you see the one where they redid the dresser by painting it yellow?"
"Me, too and I am totally going to try that Halloween...."

My daughter, Kelsey, made the fabulous Almond Joy Cupcakes for my birthday. My friend, Karen, framed a quote for the holidays.  My daughter, Leah, is creating a board of ideas for her upcoming wedding. And I love that you can see what everyone else loves or is inspired by.

Retail companies are taking this $eriously.  The Container Store was tracking traffic to its site and was noticing that people were coming from Pinterest to pin their favorite products.  They quickly added "Pin It" buttons to the product pages to encourage this.

My organizer brain was looking at my Pinterest board when the light bulb came on.  Look at the organization of it all.
I peruse all the photos and pin the ones I like. 
You choose what to keep. Beautiful? Useful? Sentimental?

I have to check sometimes to see if I have already pinned it.
You weed out duplicates. 

The window comes up and I assign it to a board. 
You group like item by theme- recipes with recipes.

My Boards are cleverly named by topic.
You use file names that are meaningful to you.

BUT a word of caution my friends.  I saw a Pinterest quote that said "Pinterest is really just Electronic Hoarding."   Pinterest collecting does not take up space, but it takes up time.  Monitor your time.
That being said, Happy Pinning!