Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hell Yeah - The Time Filter

I have installed the Hell Yeah Filter on my time management.  After years of overbooking my time and doing things that I dreaded, I am running things through this filter to help me decide whether or not to commit my precious time.  It's another way of thinking about "Just say no".

This is how it works:
My girlfriend Trish calls and says she would like a group of friends to go to a wine tasting.  My response is "Hell Yeah.  I'm in."  As I run this event through the filter, it doesn't create a conflict, is something fun to do, makes me smile right away and builds my relationships with my girlfriends. Good, good, and good,  so I tell her "Hell Yeah!"

Or I am asked to asked to serve on a committee with an organization I belong to.  Put it in the filter. I like the organization. I am feeling my shoulders tighten as I look at the number of hours involved. I don't feel the Hell Yeah coming to my lips. So I thank the caller and tell her "Thanks for thinking of me, but with my limited time right now I am going to have to pass."

I am asked to walk in a charity fundraiser.  Put it through the filter. Turns out two of my girlfriends have been affected by this disease so it's personal, giving to charities is important to me and exercise is good, so Hell Yeah. You get the idea.

There are things come through the filter and the answer is Well Yeah, Of Course.  These are the survival things like working, paying bills, picking up groceries, doing laundry, spending time with my family and exercising (ok, this last one is sometimes a stretch for me). These are the things that are the backbone of my schedule. They are not optional.

Install your own Hell Yeah filter.  It only takes a minute. You'll have fun explaining the idea.

Tell me what you are putting through the filter.


  1. Love your idea and since you shared it with me a few weeks ago, I've been using it to ensure that what I'm doing with MY time feeds and nurtures me. You can bet that when some of my current commitments expire in the next few months, they won't be replaced because they won't have a chance of making it through the filter. AND, whatever I consider replacing them with will definitely have to make its way through the Hell Yeah filter first.

  2. Liking the name a lot! A client mentioned "filters" for decisions and then a colleague did - so I listened and then I was coached by a colleague needing practice coaching on -guess what - creating my own decision filters, for my business. Filters make it less emotional, more predictable and you know you're aligned with your values/what you stand for. To make decisions even more fun, I think I need to change my boring name of 'filters' to yours!--thanks! --Sue West