Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who needs a Professional Organizer?

The other day, a caller told me she thought she might need help with organizing, but she was worried if she told people that she was hiring a professional organizer, they might think badly of her. They might think she is a hoarder. They might think she is unable to manage her life and all my stuff.

Not so, I assured her.  Lots of people need and use the services of professional organizers every day.
We work with all kinds of people. My clients are doctors, nurses, teachers, artists, rabbis, pastors, government officials, bakers, philanthropists, moms, designers, store owners, realtors, lawyers, bankers. scientists, engineers and retired people. ( And I only thumbed through my client files to the letter L to get that list.)  They are smart and creative people.  They are caregivers, who get behind on maintaining organization while trying to make doctors appointments, and run two households. They may be people who help moving boxes because of age and injury. They are busy executives who don't want to spend every weekend organizing.  They want to have expert help so that it takes a fraction of the time and they can do things they really enjoy.

You wouldn't think badly of someone hiring a personal trainer to improve their fitness. Professional Organizers specialize in helping people improve the quality of their life by managing their space, time and stuff. Smart people, I think, who see a problem and refuse to be a victim of the current state of affairs.  Who can honestly think badly of someone for that?

My caller, after her first appointment, wishes she wouldn't have waited so long to get started.

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