Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shabby Sheets

C'mon...You can do better.
If you can get your nails done, go to a concert or can afford to dine out, you can do better.  There are a few household items that we seem to compromise on when buying initially and hang onto even when the item is shabby.  Each has a life cycle. Somebody asks what you want this holiday season, ask for gift cards to upgrade these items.

1- Brooms- They work best when the broom straws all hit the floor evenly. Buy it for the kitchen and rotate it to the garage and porch/sidewalk. Discard before it resembles the one Dorothy brought to the Wizard to prove the Wicked Witch had died.

2- Towels- Often on sale at department stores, with coupons they can be had for less than $10.  Frayed edges, and holes should send them to the rag pile, car washing, or pet bathing. (Keep in mind though, you only need keep a finite number of rags)  You use them daily so get ones you like.  Color code them by bathroom or get all one color to get that hall closet that you see in magazines. 

3- Sheets- A couple sets per bed perhaps a seasonal change. Don't hang on to ones that are stained, torn, pilled, or if they fit a bed size you no longer own. Lots of linen closets are bulging with sheets way past their prime, unused and taking up space.  A few years ago, I realized that I spent roughly one third of my life in bed, and I spent less on my sheets than dinner out one evening. Hmmm...that's bad math. It was a great anniversary gift to ourselves to swaddle ourselves in luxury. 

Life is too short to hang on to shabby sheets and ratty towels. Time to trade up.

What do you find yourself hanging on to when you know it is really nearly worn out?  I make exceptions for robes and jeans. How 'bout you?

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