Monday, September 19, 2011

A Paper Organizer to Cheer About

Paper management is the number one organizing problem. For top of mind papers, my favorite is a table top file with hanging files to hold active items.  The categories are up to you, but it's great for coupons, tickets, invites, phone call notes to follow up on, receipts, bills to pay and so on.

New product for those files from Smead. Stadiums and theaters use tiered seating so everyone can see.  That's the idea behind the new stadium file.  It says it holds 900+ sheets. That's a lot!--Way more than I recommend on a counter top, but good to know.  It has 12 pockets that you can drop files in. It also comes with labels for months, days, alphabetizing, household categories like utilities, and blanks. I like the rising tiers so all the tabs can be visible.  I think you could even drop in color coded, 2 pocket folders to hold papers that you want to stay together in transport like ones you might be grabbing for a meeting.

It would be really useful for getting and staying organized for managing papers in a Mom Command Center (where you run the world). Round up all those papers and sort.   Decide what categories apply.  Maybe you need files like one per child for school papers, or per activity like soccer schedules, or dance recital details. Add files for church groups, recipes, coupons, or receipts. Edit these files for outdated events every couple weeks.
From the front row to cheap seats, I like the Stadium File.

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