Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Shoes! As my daughters say, "I ain't gonna lie"- I love them. I have mentioned this love affair previously in this blog and now I am ready to come clean.
Maybe it's the way they can change the mood of any outfit. A sun dress can be paired with flip flops and be great for casual occasions, or paired with strappy sandals, add a few pieces of jewelry and go to a fine restaurant. They can make me feel comfortable or elegant.

Maybe it's that they love me unconditionally and no matter what I eat. My pants will give me up on a weekend after pizza and beer. Not my shoes, they will still fit fine come Monday morning or after vacation. You gotta love the loyalty.

Or maybe it's how easy they are to shop for. You can just slip off your old ones and try them on right out in the open- quick and easy- not like a pair of pants or a bathing suit.

So I "get" shoes. It's my thing and I have a lot. Ok, this is the part where I come clean. My last census including snow boots, hiking boots, scuba shoes, mules, heels, clogs, flip flops, sandals, athletic shoes and loafers was 86 pairs.

As an Professional Organizer, when it comes to shoes, I am an enabler. I will try to make them all fit because Organizing isn't that you have to toss out everything. It's finding things when you need them. It's honoring your possessions with a place in your home. It know when to discard things when they aren't working, or as with shoes -worn out, broken, smelly, shabby or giving you blisters. So if you love them, honor them. Store them so they can be found, matched with their partner, not in a heap on the closet floor.

There are lots of great options for organizing shoes. Here are a few of my favorites.
Clear shoe boxes. The original boxes will work, though they lack visibility and the many different boxes can look cluttery.
Separating out-of-season shoes to an under the bed tote. Could be the Shoes Under or any 6 inch tote.
Wall or door mounted shoe racks with metal U-shaped holders as seen pictured above left in my closet.
Shelves, book cases, small shoe shelves, stacking shoe racks can work depending on the number of shoes and the space available.
Over the door shoe pockets for the back of bedroom, or closet doors.

So...what's your thing?