Wednesday, March 3, 2010

But I paid for it...

When the most important reason you can muster for keeping something is "but it's mine." We gotta talk.

Some people face difficulty when parting with things they no longer love, use or need. My job is helping come to terms with that.
I have heard a million reasons.

"I don't want to feel that I have wasted my money." (It is difficult to justify a faux fur journal.)
"I think it can be repaired." (I haven't seen a Fix it Shop since Sesame St.)
"I might use it again." ( When will the suitcase without wheels be your best option?)
"It was a gift." (We never gift people to burden them.)
"I am going to lose weight and then these will fit." (How much? How soon? Won't you want something new?)
"I want to scrapbook all these photos." (Good mothers scrapbook, and I am a good mother, ergo: I scrapbook?)
"I want to donate it. Isn't there a place to send used..." (It is too hard to take each item to a specific charity.)
"Isn't vintage style in?" (Only if it is your style, or you are young, otherwise it just looks sad- like maybe you just can't move on.)
"But I paid for it." (Think of it in terms of a movie experience. You buy the ticket, see the show and do not take anything home.)
"But I paid a lot for it." (Will you really resell it on ebay, a consignment shop or yard sale?)
"It's a collectible." (Groan- if Beanie Babies ever make a comeback, I know fifty homes with stockpiles set to make a mint.)

The bottom line- To really move forward in organizing a space, donation is often the best and quickest option. You get the warm fuzzy from donating, you get more space, and someone else gets something they can use. As they say- It's all good.

What are you hanging on to just because?