Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Two clients in the last few weeks have been struggling with disc problems - CD'S, DVD's, software, and photos layered throughout paperwork on shelves and desks. It is had to tell by glancing what is on the disc especially if it is not LABELED. I worked with these clients to herd all the shiny circles into a pile to be sorted and LABELED. Some will have to be loaded on a computer to see what, if anything, is on them and then LABELED.

CD's can be loaded to your computer's music library and then passed on to friends, or stored in an CD album for retrieval later. The same for DVD's, but in a separate album so the movies are all together.

The software is either still useful or outdated. The useful ones fall into to two categories, ones that need to be loaded for each use like my Scrabble game and ones that are loaded once and only needed for reloading as a system backup like my Quicken. Those loaded each time are on the shelf or in a drawer near the computer and the others are stored with other backup discs. Outdated, no longer age appropriate (like Reader Rabbit), and no longer compatible discs need to go.

Finally, the photos can be loaded to a picture file, or sorting software like Picasa ( http://picasa.google.com ) for viewing and sharing. Store the discs with other backup discs.

Did I mention that these all these discs should be LABELED???

P.S. We recently backed our music and photos on an external hard drive to rebuild our collection in the event we lost or damaged our computers. There are also online services that will allow you to store your collection in cyberspace.
While we are talking media, make sure any outdated media is transferred to the most current technology. There are several services that will take VCR tapes and convert them to DVD's for you. You don't want to lose movies of weddings and babies to obsolescence.