Monday, September 27, 2010

The Other Side of Organized

I welcome my guest blogger, 
Linda Samuels, CPO-CD®.  
Her new book entitled
takes a look at organizing from finding your motivation  to "editing" your possessions.  She weaves personal experiences with inspiration, and leads you to a balance "between perfection and chaos."  There were so many times as I read that I was thinking-
Yes, that's it exactly!

Dream Away
     Organizing isn’t just about sorting papers, editing closets, and rearranging the junk drawer. It’s also about having the level of order that’s comfortable for you. Getting organized will reduce the stress of life’s details, enable you to accomplish some larger goals and give you more time to embrace your passions. It’s essential to let dreaming be part of the organizing process. Be the director of your story and think about what you want to incorporate in your life. There are several ways to start the dream juices flowing.

            Dream small. If you had an extra 30 minutes free each day, how would you use that time? Would you read a book, take a walk or have coffee with a friend? If 30 more minutes a day seems like a tremendous gift, begin here. Once you’ve managed to secure your 30 minutes, think about moving on to bigger goals.

            Dream moderately. If there are 52 weekends per year and you reserved just four of them to complete a short-term project, what would it be? Sometimes we think about “projects” we’d like to do and never schedule the time to get them done. With a little advance-planning and commitment, it is possible to accomplish some of these dreams.

            Dream big. If time, money or circumstance weren’t challenges, what would you want to accomplish? Let your mind dream without criticism or judgment. Often we tend to discourage ourselves before even taking our first steps forward. Try to suspend all negativity; there is no harm in dreaming and wishing. Identifying what you’d like comes before any action can occur.


  1. My 30 minutes would be spent taking a quick cat nap!

    And if I planned out 4 weekends to get organized, the first one would be to clear out the moving boxes from my garage, which is the first thing I'm going to do once it gets cooler -- we just moved from Chicago to Arizona, and it's too hot to do this in the garage right now! Great suggestions!

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  3. So honored to be a guest on your Room-inations blog, MELANIE! Thank you for inviting me. Dreaming is an essential part in any move forward. The dreams can be small, large or somewhere in between. Whatever the size, they provide the seed ideas that help us move forward.

    Love your plan, Stephanie! I'm sure once things cool down in AZ, you'll be able to reclaim your garage.