Monday, April 5, 2010

Breathing Easier

I eat a lot of dust. It's an occupational hazard. People often greet me at the door and ask me if I am allergic to pets or dust. I have to laugh, because I can't envision lasting very long as an organizer if I was.

When people have clutter, lots of clutter, it becomes nearly impossible to dust flat surfaces or vacuum floors and corners. It can really build up. Regular home maintenance like cleaning dryer venting or changing furnace filters doesn't happen. And it isn't just dust and pet hair and dander. It can be mold, mildew and in some cases, rodent droppings. Sometimes safety equipment can be necessary. The whole thing can make you sick.

Some families struggling with clutter may have lots of issues with breathing, asthma and allergies. I see the telltale signs like inhalers, eye drops and antihistamines. Clutter can affect the health of the entire family. The good news is that after decluttering and a good cleaning that people report that really feel better. Not just feeling calmer and less stressed, they can finally breath easier.

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  1. Great post, Melanie. You're so right about how organizing can improve health in a pretty impressive way. One of the things I love seeing is how my clients are often able to stop using their C-PAP machines or reduce the settings, once we've reduced/removed the clutter and the associated dust.

    But I had to laugh, because my clients ask the same question...and I'm hyper-allergic. I've just learned to love my allergy medicine as much as I love organizing. :-)