Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Born Organized?

My grandmother was one of those people. The kind who can pick up any instrument, play a few notes and then begin playing any song they have ever heard. She was born with the musical gift and I loved that about her. I have also know people who were students of music. They studied their craft for years and became proficient. (For the record, I am nearly tone deaf but am cursed with knowing all the words to obscure songs.)

Some people think I was born organized. Maybe I can channel a blend of Martha Stewart, MacGyver, and Dr. Phil to help my clients improve their quality of life. But I believe like music, organizing is a skill that can be taught and transferred. Professional Organizers help their clients by teaching decision making and simplifying their lives. They can make an overwhelming situation seem doable.

Sometimes clients tell me that they find themselves repeating phrases I use when they are organizing by themselves. That is music to my ears!

What gift do you wish you were born with?

Yes, that is really my grandmother Audrey St. Amand pictured above.

1 comment:

  1. Great post, Melanie!

    I agree-organizing is definitely a transferrable skill.

    Also, I, too, suffer from the same music curse! Or should I say my boyfriend suffers as I "sing" the words to the random songs I know...