Friday, August 14, 2009

All in the Name

Yeah-It's a junk drawer so that's exactly what you will put in it. Much of the contents will be junk-expired coupons, unidentifiable keys and assorted key chains, dried up pens, twisty ties, Taco Bell sauces, Chinese takeout chopsticks, paper clips, and bread crumbs in the corners. I've looked into plenty of junk drawers. If you want to be more organized, toss most of that stuff and change the name. The moniker I favor is "Utility drawer". Add a few drawer dividers and this is the place for a screw driver, glue, tape, paper clips, scissors. Use a two pocket folder for the take out coupons and menus and store this near the phone books.
The same goes for that Miscellaneous file in your file cabinet. If it is important enough to keep, give it a file and it's own name. Decorating ideas, Holiday crafts, Recipes, Party Ideas, Organizing Tips, and Vacation Spots are all legitimate file names. What's more, they are easier to find and more likely to be ever looked at again if they have their own file instead of being exiled to the dreaded Misc. file. Remember too, if the file has more than twenty-five pages, it should be broken down further.
So start making changes by changing the name. If you have a junk food cupboard...

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