Sunday, July 5, 2009

Simple Solutions to Ordinary Problems

I was dinning with friends the other night and helping clear the dishes and leftovers. When I reached for the foil and plastic wrap, I noticed that the roll kept falling out of the box. I showed my hostess the small cuts at the end of the box that the consumer can push in effectively trapping the roll in the box. It's simple, and so many people do not know it was there. The rest of the dinner party came to the kitchen to see what she was excited about. So there it is. Pass it on.

A client was struggling with summer reading books from the library. They could never find the checkout receipt and never knew how many books were supposed to be returned. The answer is to always checkout the same amount -say ten children's books per week and keep them in the same bag.

A colleague of mine, Birdie, has the best tip about what to keep when it comes to children's school work. She advocates getting two pocket folders in different colors for each child. (These will be on on sale in August) Take a "Hello My Name Is" sticker and stick it on the cover. Let your child sign it and you have acptured their signature for that year. Inside add the final report card of the year, any certificates of acheivement, an example of math, art, writing and some photos of projects and class activities. Voila! You have scrapbooked. You can toss them on the table for the graduation party, and will not overwhelm your child by delivering tons of totes to their future home when they are 30.

We were frustrated at our house because we were failing to leave something to thaw for dinner and then choosing to go out to eat when we got home. My friend, Alicia, told me that she browns the burger/ground turkey when she gets home from the grocery and freezes it after.
Of course! Process first then freeze. I love it. Spaghetti, tacos, and casseroles made simpler. I am also a crock pot fan for pot roast, soups, pulled chicken etc. What other quick ideas make meal prep a breeze? Let me know.

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