Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Secret of Organizing

The secret to maintaining organization. Here it is... if a task takes 30 seconds or less, put it away, and do it now. That's it. Take the compost/trash out. Put the dish in the dishwasher. Sort the mail. Pay a bill. Take something upstairs or to another room. Start the washer. Together, these tasks can feel overwhelming, but broken into bite size pieces...they are done!
I recently worked with a teenage girl who kept leaving her towel on the floor in her room from swim team and showers. This damp mess made Mom nag and the daughter defensive. I asked the daughter if she would like her Mom to "back off" and she said "Of course". The answer is simple I said. Hang the towels in the racks provided in bath. I told her it would take less than 15 seconds to do this. Actually, she could probably do this 2-3 times in 15 seconds. less time than it takes to send check and send a text. Peace for the rest of the summer.
What little tasks can you accomplish to get them off your plate?

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