Monday, June 1, 2009

Does anybody really know what time it is?

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Job Boot Camp hosted by Channel 6 On Your Side here in Columbus. They took the stance that lots of people were hosting job fairs, but theirs was going to provide job seekers with expertise of job coaches, resume experts, schools, and so on. My role was to provide advice on organizing.
As the professional organizer, I gave handouts for projects to conquer when not interviewing, such as organizing photos, recipes, closets, garages and files. You know you are going to feel great when you have made great use of your time, and caught up on projects you never had time for when you rushed off each morning to work. When you do go to an interview and they ask what you have been doing, you can use words like "projects" and "organizing" which are valuable skills to employers.
The biggest surprise for me was that I noticed that many people who wanted to be taken seriously and wanted to be paid for their time were not wearing a watch. Many people just held out their cell phones and shrugged. This was the way they kept track of their time. I wondered --is someone who is checking their phone all day distracted? Are they checking the texts? Calling their Moms? Looking for stock quotes or any number of wonderful features that phones have to offer today? If an employer asks you to take a 20 minute break and you make a call, can you see how long you have been gone? Wearing a watch shows time management skills something else employers like to see in a job candidate.
Timex --Give me a call. I want to bring watches back.

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